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Extensions of ID3C for the Seattle Flu Study
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joverlee521 fix bug in `trim_whitespace`
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variable `str_columns`.
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ID3C customizations for the Seattle Flu Study

Currently this repository contains only an additional Sqitch project for managing Seattle Flu-specific static data in the ID3C database (e.g. organism assignments for targets, extra site details, bespoke views).

In time, the goal with ID3C is to adopt a core + extensions development model, and this repository is expected to accumulate additional code and schema customizations.


The idea is to use Sqitch to manage database customizations which might otherwise be managed manually.

Changes in this Sqitch project can rely on changes in the ID3C Sqitch project by prefixing them with the project name (seattleflu/schema currently, but subject to change after reorganization).

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