most recent police incident responses in seattle plotted on a map.
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Seattle Fire Dept. 911 dispatches plotted on a map.

Part of

This demo uses data from

The dataset is Seattle Real Time Fire 911 Calls on The Seattle data site uses Socrata for their dataset management, and they have a fairly easy to use api. Check out the api docs.

I used jquery to make a jsonp ajax request:

$.getJSON('', function(results) { ... }

Weird thing about the jsonp request: I couldn’t find anything in any Socrata docs about jsonp, but found this example repo on somebody’s Github account. It works, so that’s cool.

The json gets plopped onto a map using Leaflet. Leaflet is crazy easy to use. Especially since they released version 0.4.

I used moment.js to turn the UNIX timestamp of each dispatch into a human readable date format.

The site is hosted using Github Pages at