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Azure Storage Explorer

Windows Azure Web Storage Explorer makes it easier for developers to browse and manage Blobs, Queues and Tables from Windows Azure Storage account. You'll no longer have to install a local client to do that. It's developed in C#.

To login just enter your account name and key or SAS (Shared Access Signature)


Blobs: Create public or private Containers and Blobs (only BlockBlobs for now). Download or delete your blobs.

Queues: Create Queues and messages.

Tables: Create table and Entities. To create an Entity you'll have to add one property per line in the form of <PropertyName>:<PropertyValue>

If you don't set PertitionKey or RowKey default values will be used ("1" for PartitionKey and a new Guid for RowKey). For Example to create a new movie:

PartitionKey:Action RowKey:1 Title:Die Hard

To query the entities from a table use the following syntax: <PropertyName> [operator] <ProepertyValue> Where the valid operators are: eq (equals), gt (greater than), ge (greater or equal), lt (less than), le (less or equal) and ne (not equal).
To query action movies use the following:

PartitionKey eq 'Action'

Please note there's a space character before and after the eq operator.


If you don't write a query the system will retrieve every Entity on the Table