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MS SQL Server command line querying, with Emacs sql-mode in mind.
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Drop in replacement for sqlcmd that works better with sql-mode in Emacs. It only implements a subset of the options in sqlcmd, but more than enough for SQLi buffers.

The source file can be compiled with PyInstaller. Uses f-strings, so it requires Python 3.6.


Let's pretend the docopt help is good enough that I can use it here as documentation :)

Usage: [-h | --help] -S <server> -d <database>
                     [--driver <odbc_driver>]
                     (-E | -U <user> -P <password>)

Small command line utility to query MSSQL databases. The required parameters
are named to match the official tool, "sqlcmd".

Required arguments:
  -S <server>       Server name. Optionaly you can specify a port with the
                    format <servername,port>
  -d <database>     Database to open

And then either...
  -E                Use Integrated Security
  -U <user>         SQL Login user
  -P <password>     SQL Login password

Optional arguments:
  --driver <driver> SQL Server ODBC driver name, defaults to {SQL Server}

-S, -d, -E and -U & -P work just like their sqlcmd counterparts. That means most tools that interact with sqlcmd should be able to use sqlcmdline with no changes to the parameter list.

Coming soon: read password from environment variable or prompt for it, just like sqlcmd does.


Sebastián Monía -

Hodge -

Kevin Brubeck Unhammer -

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