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Group Project at NTNU - TDT4140 - Group 58
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Blackbird is a university's new best friend when it comes to scheduling, deliveries of exercises, and announcements!

Blackbird is a learning management system (LMS) that makes scheduling easier for professors, assistants and student. It also has an assignment system that makes deliveries and grading simpler than ever. In addition, Blackbird has functionality that lets professors post announcements for either assistants only, or for everyone to see. Restrictions are set depending on your role in a course.



  1. Download BlackBird-1.1.0-RELEASE.jar (or see all published versions here).
  2. Open file by double clicking on the file.

OS X & Linux (also works on Windows):

  1. Download BlackBird-1.1.0-RELEASE.jar (or see all published versions here).
  2. Open terminal window.
  3. Copy and paste this command in the terminal:
java -jar "{path to directory}/BlackBird-1.1.0-RELEASE.jar"

How to use

For step by step instructions, go to Wiki (not available on this repo as of right now, due to migration from GitLab to GitHub.

Development setup


Download maven from Apache's offical site.


Clone the repository into the project folder:
git clone

Navigate to project directory and download required dependencies:
mvn install


To compile and run the application:
mvn clean compile exec:java

To run test suite:
mvn clean test

Release History

  • 1.1.0
    • ADD: Assignment/submission-functionality.
    • ADD: Announcement-functionality.
    • ADD: Course member-list functionality.
  • 1.0.0
    • Initial version.
    • ADD: Admin view.
    • ADD: User login with roles.
    • ADD: Calendar functionality.


Blackbird LMS is released under the MIT licence.
See LICENSE for more information.


TDT4140 - Programvareutvikling

"Planlegge og administrere små programvareutviklings-prosjekter og delta som designer / programmerer / tester i større programvareprosjekter."

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