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Layout and sample for the R3E shared memory API
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Added Tyre loads to shared memory (using a reserved data holder to preserve backwards compatibility)
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Shared Memory API

This is a small sample application showing how to use the shared memory API for RaceRoom Racing Experience (R3E).

The sample will poll for RRRE.exe for ten minutes, and if/when it finds the application it will print some of the live data for another ten minutes.

You'll find a JSON file with data lookup for the various car, track and livery IDs in the r3e-spectator-overlay repository.


  • RaceRoom Racing Experience
  • (sample-c) Any C89-compatible C/C++ compiler should be fine. There are project files for Visual Studio 2010 and 2013 in the build directory. You can download the free Community version of Visual Studio 2013 here.
  • (sample-csharp) The sample is targeted towards .NET 4.0, but might work with earlier ones. There are build files for Visual Studio 2013 in the build directory.



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