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@ZioFabry ZioFabry released this Apr 11, 2019 · 8 commits to master since this release

Mandatory Update

SecureCloud Core v2.5.0.2 is a mandatory update to all users.

  • To update just overwrite the previous version
  • No resync is required
  • Masternode Restart is REQUIRED due to the new protocol version

This release contains the following changes:

  • Masternode Collateral Increased to 10k at block #241800
  • New Protocol Version 70960 is implemented
  • News Panel is Integrated
  • Fix bug on schema rewards changes
  • Checkpoint Updates
  • New Logo
  • Fix minor bugs

Please update your wallet ASAP, the New Version will be Enforced 12/24h before the block #241800.

Only after the block #241800 the masternodes owners MUST create a new collateral TX of 10k and restart their masternode.

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