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SoftHSM version 2

SoftHSM is part of the OpenDNSSEC project.

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OpenDNSSEC handles and stores its cryptographic keys via the PKCS#11 interface. This interface specifies how to communicate with cryptographic devices such as HSM:s (Hardware Security Modules) and smart cards. The purpose of these devices is, among others, to generate cryptographic keys and sign information without revealing private-key material to the outside world. They are often designed to perform well on these specific tasks compared to ordinary processes in a normal computer.

A potential problem with the use of the PKCS#11 interface is that it might limit the wide spread use of OpenDNSSEC, since a potential user might not be willing to invest in a new hardware device. To counter this effect, OpenDNSSEC is providing a software implementation of a generic cryptographic device with a PKCS#11 interface, the SoftHSM. SoftHSM is designed to meet the requirements of OpenDNSSEC, but can also work together with other cryptographic products because of the PKCS#11 interface.



SoftHSM depends on a cryptographic library, Botan or OpenSSL. Minimum required versions:

  • Botan 1.10.0
  • OpenSSL 1.0.0

If you are using Botan, make sure that it has support for GNU MP (--with-gnump). This will improve the performance when doing public key operations.

The GNU Autotools are also required for building the software.

There is a migration tool for converting token databases from SoftHSMv1 into the new type of tokens. If this tool is built, then SQLite3 is required (>= 3.4.2).



Configure the installation/compilation scripts:

sh ./


			Disable non-paged memory for secure storage
			(default enabled)
--disable-ecc		Disable support for ECC (default enabled)
--disable-gost		Disable support for GOST (default enabled)
--disable-visibility	Disable hidden visibilty link mode [enabled]
--with-crypto-backend	Select crypto backend (openssl|botan)
--with-openssl=PATH	Specify prefix of path of OpenSSL
--with-botan=PATH	Specify prefix of path of Botan
--with-migrate		Build the migration tool. Used when migrating
			a SoftHSM v1 token database. Requires SQLite3
			Build with database object store (SQLite3)
--with-sqlite3=PATH	Specify prefix of path of SQLite3

For more options:

./configure --help


Compile the source code using the following command:


Install Library

Install the library using the follow command:

sudo make install


The default location of the config file is /etc/softhsm2.conf. This location can be change by setting the environment variable.

export SOFTHSM2_CONF=/home/user/config.file

Details on the configuration can be found in "man softhsm2.conf".

Create the token directory you defined in your config file:

  mkdir <token_dir>

Initialize Tokens

Use either softhsm2-util or the PKCS#11 interface. The SO PIN can e.g. be used to re-initialize the token and the user PIN is handed out to the application so it can interact with the token.

  softhsm2-util --init-token --slot 0 --label "My token 1"

Type in SO PIN and user PIN. Once a token has been initialized, more slots will be added automatically with a new uninitialized token.


Link to this library and use the PKCS#11 interface.


All of the tokens and their objects are stored in the location given by softhsm2.conf. Backup can thus be done as a regular file copy.

Building from the repository

If the code is downloaded directly from the code repository, you have to prepare the configuration scripts before continuing with the real README.

  1. You need to install automake, autoconf, libtool, etc.
  2. Run the command 'sh'
  3. Continue reading this README.


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