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docs(readme): Add demo gif to readme (#10)

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markdalgleish committed Nov 14, 2018
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<img src="logo.png?raw=true" alt="Playroom" title="Playroom" width="292" height="50" />
<img src="images/logo.png?raw=true" alt="Playroom" title="Playroom" width="292" height="50" />

[![Build Status](]( [![npm](]( [![semantic-release](]( [![Commitizen friendly](](


<img src="images/demo.gif?raw=true" alt="Playroom Demo" title="Playroom Demo" />

Simultaneously design across a variety of themes and screen sizes, powered by JSX and your own component library.

Playroom allows you to create a zero-install code-oriented design environment, built into a standalone bundle that can be deployed alongside your existing design system documentation.
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