Basic OpenMRS module to manage laboratory tests
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Common Lab Module


This is a simple module, which can be used to create and customize forms to manage patients' laboratory test orders, samples and results. The module has been

The module is built and tested on legacy-UI.

Building from Source

You will need to have Java 1.8+ and Maven 2.1.x+ installed. Use the command 'mvn package' to compile and package the module. The .omod file will be in the omod/target folder.

Alternatively you can add the snippet provided in the Creating Modules page to your omod/pom.xml and use the mvn command:

mvn package -P deploy-web -D deploy.path="../../openmrs-1.8.x/webapp/src/main/webapp"

It will allow you to deploy any changes to your web resources such as jsp or js files without re-installing the module. The deploy path says where OpenMRS is deployed.


  1. Build the module to produce the .omod file.
  2. Use the OpenMRS Administration > Manage Modules screen to upload and install the .omod file.

If uploads are not allowed from the web (changable via a runtime property), you can drop the omod into the ~/.OpenMRS/modules folder. (Where ~/.OpenMRS is assumed to be the Application Data Directory that the running openmrs is currently using.) After putting the file in there simply restart OpenMRS/tomcat and the module will be loaded and started.


Complete documentation can be found on OpenMRS Wiki page for Common Lab Module