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Fitbit Open Source Android App

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This app is based on the work of Jiska Classen, Matthias Hanreich, Steffen Kreis, Tobias Krichel, Johannes Riedel and Sven Ströher.


  • Scan for BLE Fitbit devices
  • Authenticate against Fitbit server like the original app
  • Obtain authentication credentials from the Fitbit server for authentication replay¹
  • Get activity dumps¹ and decrypt them²
  • Access live mode¹
  • Dump memory including the complete firmware²
  • Flash custom firmware³ that modifies step counts, reads out raw accelerometer data, etc.


  • Use official Fitbit app and associate a tracker you own physically with your user account.
  • With a regularly associated tracker you can access all features that require authentication (live mode¹, memory readout²).
  • Build any custom firmware using our Nexmon-based project or use one of the pre-compiled images.


  1. all models including Ionic smart watch
  2. probably Fitbit Flex, Charge, Charge HR, One with firmware < October 2017 only, ideally buy a new tracker and never update it
  3. Fitbit Flex only