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1,add function of room owner pay fee:room owner pay percent fee for player
2,add function of room owner reward for PVP room
3,other improvement

There is a hardfork on 2019/1/20T00:00:00,every witness must update witness_node before that time.
It will auto replay don't need add "--replay-blockchain" to run it.

web wallet will also update before 2019/1/20T00:00:00 after every witness update this program.

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v0.06 update:
1,improve data structure of seer room for DAPP(Bibi eg.)
2,fix the issue of update single room(without house)

1,There is a hardfork on 2018/12/30T04:00:00,every witness mustupdate witness_node before that time.
2,you should add option "--replay-blockchain" to run the program

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This is an urgent update for DAPP.
Every witness should update the program before 2018/9/7 T00:00:00
This update is only for witness node.

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@seerDVR seerDVR released this Aug 9, 2018

1,support create PVP room without has a house after UTC time 2018/8/15T00:00:00
2,add circle multi-sign check after UTC time 2018/8/15T00:00:00
3,add API of get_rooms_by_account for DAPP
4,fix some other issues.

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@seerDVR seerDVR released this Jun 19, 2018

1,improve asset market function.
2,improve room settle logic
3,add batch_transfer command to cli_wallet,which allow people to do batch transfers.

every witness should run witness_ndoe with --replay-blockchain when update to this version.

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@seerDVR seerDVR released this Jun 7, 2018

upload the program package again on the front page

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@seerDVR seerDVR released this May 18, 2018

seer-core.tar.gz: f091395eca40e26faf4c40cb5aab24cd7086d26e607d49308d35f1f48c5368bd
witness_node.exe: b9c798cb56a2302ab02f40a2a8f4ab57d2d4a722698a3bcdd5e936200156e0aa
cli_wallet.exe: bef8cec2666c22e0e3c02dacc67ed5661f8fbdcba8e9e08ed3bacea3e2359850

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1,improve LMSR room process logical:add an accelerator to process bussiness faster.
2,add snapshot function to snapshot any asset balances for DAPP team.
3,improve game playing record to easy statistic for third part team
4,some others

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May 18, 2018


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