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Let me take this chance to announce, that I won't continue this map, even if they figure out the api again.

The last few months were really awesome for me, I learned so much about coding. So much about people. So much about myself. But every project needs an end.

While it's been a lot of fun, it's also been pretty time consuming, which is one of the reasons. The other reason is, that I have enough of Pokemon GO. The truth is, it's very, very disappointing and not just for me. When we heard of it, a game that you can play outside together with other people and it's Pokemon too, we were all excited. We wanted it to be that amazing game we imagined it to be. Some of us were so enthusiastic and adamant about it, that they started to make maps, a feature, that Niantic never delivered and that is pretty essential for a game like this. The threads over at the pokemongo reddit are full of cool suggestions about making the game better.

But instead of working together with the community Niantic made a fight out of it. Their game is so bareboned, that it should be an alpha from my point of view, yet they already threw this out and are raking in tons of money. Money we pay for that amazing game we imagined in our head, that we all hoped for. Money that allows them to simply not care about it as much anymore, because it's already a huge success for them. We were sold a dream and got an unfinished game.

For me it's enough, I'll move on. If anyone wants to overtake the github project and the discord channel, feel free to contact me.

Thank you so much for your support, SeiKur0


See New User Guide (Windows) for a guide that is mainly windows focused.

We also have a Discord Channel.

Recent Changes

  • recent change from s to ms unit in learning files:
    • Use to migrate your old learning files to the new format
  • recent path changes:
    • Learning files go into the res/learning/learn_files folder, in the settings put the name of the file you want to use for a profile into the learn_file entry (without the .json). Log files are now in the res/logs folder
  • recent scan pattern changes:
    • The r parameter is now the circular scan range in m around a point. If you want to use the old hex pattern, use the '-hx' and the '-r' parameter to specify a radius in hex layers
  • PokeAlarm webhooks are now fully supported, make sure to set up a custom alarm text and use the <respawn_text> field to see messages like '15m later back for 15m.' for 2x15 spawn points for example


  • uses hexagon algorithm for normal scanning

  • after maximally one hour of normal scanning, it saves a spawnpoint file and starts intelligent scan (iscan)

  • iscan = spawnpoints are scanned directly after spawn (no wasted scans and very efficient)

  • perfect recognition and support for all spawn point types for both the logging and the map

  • iscan uses much less workers

  • multithreading

  • long term stable

  • perfect for data logging, has an autobackup function

  • individual proxy possible for each id

  • very good hosted map site, mobile optimized

  • very low data usage (perfect for mobiles)

  • pushbullet and telegram notifications

  • many more small things that contribute to a smooth user experience

  • Arguments are not required, but if used, they overwrite the settings in the 'usersettings.json' file, the standard id without arguments is 0, see Command Line Arguments

Help wanted

If you have any learning files created with my tool, I'd like to have them, so I can collect them and create a larger database. So if possible I'd like you to send me these files per mail: I'll share them somewhere, maybe Google Drive, so everyone can access them. Thanks :)


  • FAQ
    • I will collect questions, when I answer them the first time, and then I'll include a FAQ in the files here on github.
    • Don't think I'm impolite, when I'll just answer FAQ to something you write me. It's just that I want to do more with my day than answering the same questions over and over again :)
    • Suggestions and feedback in general are very welcome though, that helps me in finding bugs and improvements.


To Tejado, who made the original pokemongo api demo, which I based my project on:

To AeonLucid for creating and expanding the POGO Protos Library:

To the heroes of the unknown6 team.

To HEKTakun, I'm using his awesome pokemon icons for the map.

Image of the actual map (with most pokemon being filtered out)