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A local and session storage wrapper for angular 2.
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A service wrapping local and session storage for ng2.


npm i -s ng2-storage

Browser Support

This library makes heavy use of ES6 Proxy, meaning it only has support in the latest Edge, Chrome, Firefox, and Opera.


First, bootstrap the service globally:

import { StorageSettings } from 'ng2-storage';

bootstrap(App, [
  provide(StorageSettings, { useValue: { prefix: 'ng2-storage' } })

Next, inject it into a component:

import { StorageService } from 'ng2-storage';

  providers: [StorageService],
  template: `<button (click)="incrementStoredData()">click</button>`
export class MyComponent {

  static get parameters() {
    return [[StorageService]];

  constructor(storage) {
    // you can also use storage.session for sessionStorage = storage.local;

  incrementStoredData() { = || 0;;


Name Default Description
prefix 'ng2-storage' The key prefix when assigning data to local or session storage.
serialize window.JSON Used when de/serializing data from the storage container. Both serialize and parse attributes must be specified and must be functions if you want custom ones.
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