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  1. smart-sprinkler smart-sprinkler Public

    WiFi Based Sprinkler Controller using an ESP8266 and esphome

    C++ 23 5

  2. unifi-video-gif-mqtt unifi-video-gif-mqtt Public

    Watch your UniFi Video directory for new videos, convert to gif and notify over mqtt

    Python 19 3

  3. mqtt-rgb-light-strips mqtt-rgb-light-strips Public

    MQTT Enabled RGB Light Strips controlled by Home Assistant

    C++ 13 2

  4. smart-bed-sensor smart-bed-sensor Public

    DIY Smart Bed using Load Cells and HX711

    C++ 11 10

  5. micropython-mqtt-ha-switch micropython-mqtt-ha-switch Public

    Python 9 1

  6. micropython-debounce-switch micropython-debounce-switch Public

    MicroPython Class for Debouncing Switches

    Python 8 5


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