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The Curious Case of Freya, Suave and Giraffe: reducing risks in picking a new tech.

Picking a new technology is hard. Very often we avoid change at all cost, and go with the devil we know. Another extreme is to do some haphazard implementation and hope for the best. In this talk, I will tell you the strategies I tried out to understand three web frameworks I didn't know beforehand, Freya, Suave and Giraffe, in order to find out if they were a good fit for my needs. Along the way, I will discuss some tricks that everybody could use to understand, beyond these specific libraries, what heuristics worked and which didn't in quickly evaluating libraries and understanding their risks.

Update 14/08/2018 - misattribution creator Suave

In my talks I refer to Henrik Feldt as the creator of Suave, but I have since learned that this is a misattribution. Although Hendrik is one of the main contributors to Suave, Ademar Gonzalez is its creator.

I apologize for my mistake and I hope this makes up for it.


Information on the slides will vary from presentation to presentation. Some categories will be reevaluated before I present the talk at a conference, to show the latest status of the libraries envolved in the talk. Those slides have a date on them to inform you when the information was gathered.


There are fantastic photographers in this world, but I am not one of them. I would very much like to thank those who are, sharing your hard work and good eye makes it possible for me to create beautiful slides.


The Curious Case of Freya, Suave and Giraffe: reducing risks in picking a new tech.



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