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Music sheet for accordion engraved in LilyPond
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LilyPond Sheet Music for Accordion

  1. Description
  2. Quick start
  3. Related Sources
  4. Rationale
  5. Maintainer

1. Description

A repository holds music sheets for accordion (particularly B-griff button accordion) engraved in Lilypond.

2. Quick start: Creating Music Sheet & Midi using LilyPond

  1. Locate yourself in a directory of a music piece on a Linux-based machine:


The simplistic Makefile will invoke LilyPond, generate a pdf of the sheet music along with the MIDI file.

3. Related Sources

Sources of Cellist were used as a basis and then adapted for accordion.

4. Rationale

As already quite a large code base of music engraved in LilyPond exists on the github, the goal is to: (i) provide functional examples of music engraving & midi generation for accordion using LilyPond, (ii) to share my rusty arrangements.

5. Maintainer

Konstantin Selyunin, for suggestions/questions/comments please contact: selyunin [dot] k [dot] v [at] gmail [dot] com

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