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The GPIES Data Cruncher Slack Bot

This is an automated bot to allow the GPIES Data Cruncher chat on Slack.


  • SlackClient python library
  • Slacker python library
  • astropy, numpy
  • pyephem
  • watchdog
  • websocket-client


You need to make a config.ini file that populates the same fields as config.ini.deafult. The token can be obtained from Slack. The username requires parsing a chat message received with the Slack API that has @data_cruncher in the message. In the message, @data_cruncher will be replaced with @(some characters) and (some characters) is actually the chat ID for that username.

Running it

Currently, the bot is set up to run with both the real-time ChatResponder and the NewImagerPoster (which runs when a new PSF subtraction is complete) by just executing the following command.

$ python