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Outlaw helps you enforce your opinions to keep bad code out your projects. Personal project for Mendicant University S10
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Keep bad code out of your projects. Your idea of bad code, no one elses.

Part of S10 class, personal project.

From the included outlawed.rb example file for custom rule definition:

module Outlaw
  outlaw "@@",                "Class variables are evil"
  outlaw "protected",         "use private or public, protected is silly in ruby"
  outlaw "module :token end", "nest modules to avoid empty module declarations"
  outlaw "eval",              "never eval, rarely class_eval or instance_eval, but never eval"

Proposed syntax for DSL:

A defined collection exists for core classes, such that

outlaw "class :symbol < :core_class",
                          "core classes implemented in c, can cause bad mojo"

will outlaw subclassing from any core class

Users can extend new defined collections and by creating new constants defined as arrays of variable names to match in example code the same way :core_class is used above

Disjoin code segments can be provided as a single example (assuming they occur in the same file) by inserting a :disjoint_code_seperator token in the outlawed sample definition. I don't have a good use case for this at present though, and since it will be difficult to handle disjoint code across different files this may not be worthwhile... but similar special case symbol meanings may be useful, and suggestions or examples are welcome.

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