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BattleSnake 2017

Presented by Sendwithus, built by Stembolt, and powered by Workday.

March 4th, 2017 at the Victoria Conference Centre.

BattleSnake is a programming competition held in Victoria, BC.

Teams program web-based AIs for the classic arcade game "Snake". Multiple teams compete on the same board at the same time, and the winner is the last team slithering!

Looking for event info? Want to register? Visit

Need help? Have questions? Email


API Reference

2017 Info Session Slides
2016 Orientation Slides

Starter & Example Snakes

Starter Snakes provided by Sendwithus (Heroku Ready)

Example Snakes provided by Stembolt

Example Snakes provided by Giftbit

Other Example Snakes

Traitor Snake (Winner of Battlesnake 2016, Advanced Division)

Running Your Own Game Server (With Docker)

  • Install Docker
  • Run docker run -it -p 4000:4000 stembolt/battle_snake
  • Visit http://localhost:4000 NOTE: Docker runs on a virtual lan so when you add a snake to the game you cannot use localhost, use your internal IP instead.

Bounty Snakes

Bounty Snakes are snakes built by sponsoring teams. Teams that defeat a Bounty Snake will win its prize - some snakes have one big prize, others have prizes for all winners.

Bounty Snakes will be available at 3:00pm in the lobby. To challenge a Bounty Snake, visit the sponsor table in the lobby and tell them you'd like to challenge their Bounty.

Sendwithus Bounty

Defeat Inky, Blinky, Pinky, & Clyde in 4v1 Survival - Win Drones & T-Shirts!

Stembolt Bounty


Workday Bounty

Defeat Battle Constrictor and Erik the Barbarian in 2v1 Survival - Win Raspberry Pi Starter Kits and Swag!

Rooof Bounty

Defeat Rooof Snake in 1v1 Survival - Win Custom T-Shirts!

Beanstream Bounty

Defeat All 3 Beantail Snakes in 1v1 Survival - Win Luchador Masks!

Giftbit Bounty

2v2 Survival - Win Dinner & Giftcards!

Ladies Learning Code Bounty

Defeat LLCentipede in 1v1 Survival - Win Amazon Giftcards!

Latitude Bounty

Defeat Cascadia Megathrus in 1v1 Survival - Win Giftcards & Swag!

Pretio Bounty

Defeat Mimic Snake in 1v1 Survival - Win Swag!

Sparklit Bounty

1v1 Ramora Snake, Killing It After It's Full - Win Giftcards & Swag!

Stocksy Bounty

Defeat Snakesy in 1v1 Survival - Win Giftcards & Swag!

RedBrick Bounty

Defeat Redbrick Robosnake in 1v1 Survival - Win Boardgames!


Will there be food provided?

  • Yes, BattleSnake has partnered with four food trucks to provide lunch and dinner free of charge to all participants and volunteers. You will be given a lunch and dinner voucher to use when you check-in and register your team. The trucks will be located at the Royal BC Museum.

What should I bring for the day?

  • Bring your laptop with power adapter and a water bottle. That is it!

Is there an after party this year?

  • Yes, Barkerville Beer is hosting the BattleSnake after party at The Guild Freehouse. It will start right after the tournament is finished. Small bites will be provided for all attendees and the first 50 arrivals will receive a free glass of beer.

Can I work on my snake before the event?

  • YES! We highly recommend it.

How do I collect Bounty Snake prizes?

  • If you want to collect a Bounty Snake prize you have to go to the company booth that is hosting that snake and challenge them to a duel. The company will run the battle and if your snake is victorious you will be awarded the prize. Each snake will have different win conditions so come prepared.

When should I show up?

  • If you want to attend the morning tutorial you need to be at the Conference Centre by 9:00 am. If you don't plan on being at the morning tutorial you need to start registering your team and check-in individually at 10:00 am. Orientation starts at 11:00am sharp.


Have sample code you'd like to share? Have useful links? See a typo?

Create a Pull Request on Github or email us at