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BattleSnake 2017

Presented by Sendwithus, built by Stembolt, and powered by Workday.

March 4th, 2017 at the Victoria Conference Centre.

BattleSnake is a programming competition held in Victoria, BC.

Teams program web-based AIs for the classic arcade game "Snake". Multiple teams compete on the same board at the same time, and the winner is the last team slithering!

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API Reference

Tutorial Slides

2016 Orientation Slides

Starter & Example Snakes

Starter Snakes provided by Sendwithus (Heroku Ready)

Example Snakes provided by Stembolt

Example Snakes provided by Giftbit

Traitor Snake (Winner of Battlesnake 2016, Advanced Division)

Running With Docker

  • Install Docker
  • Run docker run -it -p 4000:4000 stembolt/battle_snake
  • Visit http://localhost:4000 NOTE: Docker runs on a virtual lan so when you add a snake to the game you cannot use localhost, use your internal IP instead.

Bounty Snakes



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