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Fireworks Extensions

A fairly comprehensive dump of source files for all Fireworks extensions available at


  • Some source files may be older than the posted extensions
  • A complete set of source files may not be available for every extension (particularly when it comes to graphics used within some panels)
  • There may be some extensions whose source files have been forever lost 😭
  • The code was not written to be released so it could be quite messy

File Types

Information on some of the file types you'll see in this repo:

  • .MXI: Macromedia Extension Information, metadata used to generate installers for the Adobe (was Macromedia) Extension manager. These files are useful to know what files pertain to a certain extension as more than one may be referenced. Paths referenced within these files may not match the file paths within this repo.
  • .JSF: JavaScript for Fireworks, containing JavaScript code that calls Fireworks APIs to perform the actions of the extension. Note that some extension code may be contained within a FLA file rather than be accessible as a separate JSF.
  • .FLA (.SWF) Flash source (fla) and executables (swf), used for panel and dialog UI for Fireworks extensions.