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1. Name

Wikto - Nikto for Windows with some extra features.

2. Author

Roelof Temmingh
Gareth Phillips < gareth(at)sensepost(dot)com >
Ian de Villiers < ian(at)sensepost(dot)com >

3. License, version & release date

License : GPLv3
Version :
Release Date : 2008/12/15

4. Description

Wikto is Nikto for Windows - but with a couple of fancy extra features including Fuzzy logic error code checking, a back-end miner, Google assisted directory mining and real time HTTP request/response monitoring. Wikto is coded in C# and requires the .NET framework.

5. Requirements

WinHTTrack (
HTTprint (
.Net Framework

6. Documentation

7. Getting a binary copy

You can grab the latest binary copy at: