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Orange Cyberdefense's Ethical Hacking Team


  1. reGeorg Public

    The successor to reDuh, pwn a bastion webserver and create SOCKS proxies through the DMZ. Pivot and pwn.

    Python 2.7k 838

  2. ruler Public

    A tool to abuse Exchange services

    Go 1.9k 350

  3. objection Public

    📱 objection - runtime mobile exploration

    Python 5.9k 754

  4. gowitness Public

    🔍 gowitness - a golang, web screenshot utility using Chrome Headless

    Go 2.1k 252

  5. SensePost's modified hostapd for wifi attacks.

    C 467 121

  6. mallet Public

    Mallet is an intercepting proxy for arbitrary protocols

    Java 230 43