Command line tool to convert spreadsheets to databases, made for the UK's Office for National Statistics.
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Jupyter notebook tool for converting data that is laid out in a formatted Excel spreadsheet into a normalized form for use by databases.

It depends on okfn/messytables and sensiblecodeio/xypath

Python 3.4+ supported.

Starting up

For development

To install for development, the easiest way is create a virtualenv, activate it:

source bin/activate

and then type

pip install -e git+

This will install the code into src/databaker where you can edit and commit it.

For normal use

Install with pip install databaker


Launch a Jupyter notebook:

jupyter notebook

and then follow the tutorials as described below.


The current documentation is in the form of Jupyter notebooks located inside the tutorial directory.

You can access these directly by creating a new Jupyter notebook and running the following in a Jupyter cell:

from databaker.tutorial import tutorial

which will copy the tutorials to your current directory and provide links to these copied notebooks.


Made by the Sensible Code Company on behalf of the Office of National Statistics (UK).