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Sensu Documentation

Welcome to Sensu Docs! This repository is the new home of all Sensu-related documentation and we appreciate your help in maintaining it. You can view the live site at

Why this project

Contribution was too complicated when working with the now-deprecated sensu-docs-legacy project. Building it depended on proprietary website code. In addition to making the build independent of our marketing website, this new project gives us:

  • Much faster rendering times
  • Versioned documentation per project all in one place
  • Easier contribution experience running Hugo locally
  • Full-text search 😍

Known limitations

  • There is no Extensions documentation at this time

Project wiki

This README is focused on helping you get started with the sensu-docs project as a whole. For detail on formatting, layouts and other aspects of adding to or modifying content, please see our project wiki.

Running Sensu Docs

Unlike the old sensu-docs project, this site can be run locally with Hugo. There are some new steps to learn, but don't worry, we've documented how to do so (and some common troubleshooting if you need it):

Getting Started with Hugo

Cloning the project

To view the Sensu docs locally, clone this repository with:

git clone

Installing Yarn

This project uses Yarn to manage dependencies and the build process. For information on installing yarn, view their documentation.

Building the site

After installing yarn we suggest that you test the build of the site in your local environment:


Yarn will install and run Hugo to render the site into the public directory.

This is the same build process used by TravisCI to test changes. If this command produces any errors, please open an issue.

Viewing locally

If the site builds successfully, you can run the Hugo server and view the site in a local web browser:

yarn run server

Then visit http://localhost:1313/ in the browser of your choice.

Troubleshooting Hugo

Here are some things you might try if you encounter an issue working with the site:

  • Run yarn hugo-version to print the running version of Hugo. Version 0.34 or newer is required.
  • If you are seeing stale page content, try using yarn server --disableFastRender to ensure all pages are rebuilt as you make changes.
  • If you're still having trouble viewing the site, open an issue, and we'll be happy to help!

Updating the theme

This project uses the hugo-material-docs theme with some local modifications. Should you choose to update the theme, please take care to ensure leading slashes are not removed from links to Javascript, CSS and other assets.

Pushing to GitHub

This is the same as any other project. Follow GitHub's instructions if you're unsure. No additional steps are needed.

Deploying to Heroku

Any time changes are merged to master branch, this project is automatically deployed to using Heroku's own Github integration. For additional details on Heroku configuration and deployment, see our wiki page.