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Welcome to the Sensu Docs project! This repository is the home of

Read the docs | Contributing guide | Style guide | Code of conduct | Contact admins | Open an issue

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We welcome all contributions! Read the contributing guide to get started.

For details on formatting and style, see the Sensu Docs style guide. If you have any questions, please submit an issue, or feel free to reach out in #documentation in the Sensu Community Slack.

Contributing quick start

From the docs site, select "Edit this page" to go to the corresponding markdown file in GitHub. From there, GitHub will prompt you to create a fork and submit a pull request. You can also submit documentation feedback by opening an issue.

Run the Sensu Docs site locally

The Sensu Docs site is a static site built with Hugo and markdown. These instructions will help you get the site running locally.

To contribute to the Sensu Docs, please read the contributing guide.

1. Install Git and Yarn

  • Install Git on your computer and authenticate using HTTPS or SSH. Skip this step if you already have Git set up and authenticated on your computer.

  • Install Yarn on your computer. Sensu Docs uses Yarn to manage dependencies and the build process.

2. Clone the Sensu Docs repo

You can clone the repo using either HTTPS or SSH.

Clone using HTTPS:

git clone && cd sensu-docs

Clone using SSH:

git clone && cd sensu-docs

If you prefer, download the repo from GitHub.

3. Run yarn



This will install Hugo and build the site into the public directory.

4. Run the site locally

If the site builds successfully, run:

yarn run server

This builds the Hugo server so you can view the site in your local web browser at http://localhost:1313/.


Here are some things to try if you encounter an issue working with the site:

  • Run yarn hugo-version to print the running version of Hugo. Version 0.56.1 or newer is required.
  • If you're still having trouble viewing the site, open an issue, and we'll be happy to help!


This project uses a fork of the wonderful hugo-material-docs theme.

Developing Offline Docs

Offline documentation uses a set of layouts located in the offline directory. To preview them:

yarn run server --layoutDir=offline

To exclude content from the offline documentation, the following can be added to a markdown file's front matter:

offline: false

Deploying the site

Whenever changes are merged to the master branch, this project is automatically deployed to For additional details on Heroku configuration and deployment, see our wiki page.

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