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Because Roblox does not allow HttpService requests to an external proxy is needed for access to site APIs. This will proxy all requests to Roblox via server.js except when the path is /proxy and a static file exists.

A limited number of APIs are available via the /proxy/api path via api.js.


Simply clone the project and type npm install when in the folder to install all dependencies. You can now start the server with node server.js.

The default configuration does not have to be changed for a working server and it will automatically work with any subdomain your DNS supports.


The only configuration files you may want to edit are blocked.json and re_blocked.json. All paths that match any in blocked.json exactly will be blocked. If you want to match with regex, which can also be used for partial matching, add the pattern to re_blocked.json. If anything matches at all the URL will be blocked.

There are a few settings you can change directly in the server.js file. If serveHomepage is true the rprxy home page will be at the root of the domain. If serveHomepageOnAllSubdomains is true this will apply to all subdomains, otherwise it will only apply to the root domain.

If you have your own domain point all the subdomains you need at the server and it will work automatically when you visit those subdomains on your own site. If you are not able to add subdomains for any reason (usually if you just don't have a domain name) you can set subdomainsAsPath to true in the server.js file. When this is enabled you can request a specific subdomain by using it first in the path (see the examples below).


In every example the main domain is

To search the catalog (search subdomain):

If you have subdomainsAsPath enabled:

Get recommended username (no subdomain):

If you have subdomainsAsPath enabled:

Having no subdomain is the same as having a www subdomain, below is exactly the same:

If you have subdomainsAsPath enabled it doesn't matter what the actual subdomain is: