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Implementation of Chrome extension APIs for Electron
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electron-extensions will allow you to use Chrome extensions APIs with Electron.


$ npm install electron-extensions


The library is really easy-to-use. All you have to do is to put the following code in your main process:

import { ExtensibleSession } from 'electron-extensions';
import { app, session } from 'electron';

app.on('ready', () => {
  const extensions = new ExtensibleSession(session.defaultSession);
  extensions.loadExtension('C:/.../abcdefghijklmnoprstuwxyz'); // Path to the extension to load


Class ExtensibleSession

new ExtensibleSession(session: Electron.Session)

  • session Electron.Session - used for injecting preloads to load content_scripts in all webContents within a given Electron session. Must be called in app ready event.

It's only for the main process. It's used to load extensions and handle their events.

Instance methods

loadExtension(path: string)

Loads an extension from a given path.

addWindow(window: Electron.BrowserWindow)

Adds a BrowserWindow to send and observe UI related events such as chrome.browserAction.setBadgeText or chrome.browserAction.onClicked.

Object extensionsRenderer

Usage in renderer

import { extensionsRenderer } from 'electron-extensions';

Instance methods

browserAction.onClicked(extensionId: string, tabId: number)

Sends chrome.browserAction.onClicked event to a given extension.



Emitted when chrome.browserAction.setBadgeText has been called in an extension.


  • extensionId string
  • details chrome.browserAction.BadgeTextDetails


Emitted when chrome.tabs.create has been called in an extension.

import { extensionsRenderer } from 'electron-extensions';

extensionsRenderer.on('create-tab', (details, callback) => {
  const tab = createTab(details) // Some create tab method...


  • details chrome.tabs.CreateProperties
  • callback (tabId: number) => void - Must be called with the created tab id as an argument. Also, the tabId must be the same as any attached webContents id
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