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MH3 Server Project

The goal of this project is to reverse the game in order to make private servers.

Current Status

The project isn't yet functionnal.



  • Loading bar: 85%
  • Bypass Nintendo Servers
  • DNS Redirection
  • Create SSL connection (tcp port: 8200)
  • Find/Send expected data
  • What's next?
  • Capcom ID selection: No
  • Reverse the Capcom ID selection protocol format
  • Server selection: No
  • Reverse the Server selection protocol format
  • Gate selection: No
  • Reverse the Gate selection protocol format
  • Time system: No
  • Reverse the Time system protocol format
  • City creation: No
  • Reverse the City creation protocol format
  • Join a city: No
  • Reverse the City joining protocol format
  • Search a city: No
  • Reverse the Research protocol format
  • Submit a quest: No
  • Reverse the Quest submitting protocol format
  • Join a quest: No
  • Reverse the Quest joining protocol format
  • Start a quest: No
  • Reverse the Quest starting protocol format
  • Chat implemented: No
  • Reverse the Chat protocol format
  • Event Quest: No
  • Reverse the Event Quest protocol format
  • Arena Quest: No
  • Reverse the Arena Quest protocol format
  • Sandstorm: No
  • Reverse the Sandstorm event protocol format


  • Softmodded Wii or Dolphin Emulator
  • Monster Hunter 3 (~tri) w/ Nintendo servers patch
  • DNS server (may be optional)
  • Python 2.7 or above (Python3 and above might not be supported)

Monster Hunter 3 (~tri)

In order to use custom servers on Monster Hunter Tri you first need to patch the game to bypass the Nintendo servers. Their servers are blocking the game and prevent it to connect to Capcom servers. I personally use Wiimmfi for that, any other alternative should work as well. Link to Wiimmfi instruction.

  1. Patch the game on the fly
    • Download the autowiimmfipatcher from the "Playing from a real disc" section.
    • Copy the apps folder into your SD card root directory.
    • Launch the Homebrew Channel.
    • Run the MrBean35000vr Wiimmfi Patcher.
    • Insert your game disc.
  2. Permanent patch
    • Download the wiimmfi-patcher from the "How-To" section.
    • Carefully read the patcher's README.
    • Run the patcher corresponding to your OS.
    • Launch your patched game.

If you want a local alternative you can try altwfc that now supports MHTri and others Wii games.

Then you need to replace the in-game certificate located in the game's main.dol with yours.
NB for Dolphin users: This step can be skipped because the emulator doesn't verify certificate.

  1. Extract the main.dol from the game using WiiScrubber.
  2. Use OpenSSL to create your Root CA certificate and server certificates.
  3. Replace the in-game certificate within the main.dol with your Root CA certificate using MHTriCertPatcher.
  4. Re-inject the patched main.dol via WiiScrubber.
  5. Run the patched game on the Wii.

DNS Server

To redirect requests the game sends to Capcom servers, you need to setup a DNS server. This server will redirect the traffic to Monster Hunter Tri private servers. You need to setup Address Records (a.k.a. A Record) with Capcom's domain names pointing to your servers' IP. You should use a real DNS server but I also proposed a dummy implementation of it. You need to have admin rights in order to use the port 53 required by MHTriDNSServer.

Usage (default hostname):


Usage (with another host):

python -H <hostname or IP address>

MHTrIDA has lots of details about the domain names you may set for you DNS server and other data concerning the game as well.

NB for Dolphin users: Rather than using a DNS server, edit the hosts file also work.

  • Windows Location: %SystemRoot%\system32\drivers\etc\hosts
  • Mac OS X Location: /private/etc/hosts
  • Linux Location: /etc/hosts

SSL Certificates

OpenSSL can be used to generate your own private key/certificate to use with MH3SP servers. Then check with a notepad the file and edit the path for the private key/certificate if needed.

TCP Servers

Mainly developed in Python 2.7, a python interpreter is needed to run MH3SP's servers. Python3 might be supported, so a Python2 interpreter should be used FTM. Then, you only need to run python executable to start the server. A usage will be printed if it requires parameters. Servers may print details when a client is connected and doing something, they'll be quiet otherwise.

  1. Port 8200
  • This server isn't complete, a python prompt is available to send data (string) to the client


Monster Hunter 3 (~tri) Server Project



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