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Chameleon version GPL v3 License Crowdin

Chameleon is a WebExtension port of the popular Firefox addon Random Agent Spoofer.

The UI is near identical and contains most of the features found in the original extension.



  • Light/Dark theme
  • Notifications
  • Quickly toggle Chameleon


  • Randomly select from a list of browser profiles
  • Choose between different platforms or device types
  • Change user agent at specified interval


  • Enable Do Not Track
  • Prevent Etag tracking
  • Spoof accept headers
  • Spoof X-Forwarded-For/Via IP
  • Disable referer
  • Modify referer policies


  • Block media devices
  • Limit tab history
  • Protect keyboard fingerprint
  • Protect
  • Spoof audio context
  • Spoof client rects
  • Spoof font fingerprint
  • Spoof screen size
  • Spoof timezone
  • Enable first party isolation
  • Enable resist fingerprinting
  • Prevent WebRTC leak.
  • Enable tracking protection
  • Block WebSockets
  • Modify cookie policy
  • about:config checklist to enhance your privacy

Please note that WebExtensions are unable to modify about:config entries.


  • Use your real or spoofed profile for whitelisted sites
  • Supports regular expressions
  • Use a custom profile per whitelist rule, multiple sites per rule


Chameleon is available on the Firefox Add-ons website. A developer build is also available on Github.


Want to help improve Chameleon? Send a pull request or open an issue. Keep in mind that some functionality isn't technically possible.

You can help translate Chameleon by visiting Crowdin.


Don't know where to start? Check out the wiki. If you're having issues with a website, please read the whitelist guide.


dillbyrne for creating Random Agent Spoofer

Mike Gualtieri for the CSS Exfil code.

Special Thanks

  • giwhub for the Chinese translation
  • Kaylier, melegeti, and Tux 528 for the French translation
  • Anonymous, Wursttorte, and AName for the German translation
  • Shitennouji for the Japanese translation
  • gnu-ewm for the Polish translation
  • 3ibsand, Alexey, fks7cgsk, and Hit Legends for the Russian translation
  • David P. (Megver83) and reii for the Spanish translation
  • xlabx for the Turkish translation
  • mezysinc for the Portuguese (Brazilian) translation