A Python Interface to various Valve products and services
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Python-valve is a Python library which intends to provide an all-in-one interface to various Valve products and services, including:

  • Source servers
    • A2S server queries
    • RCON
  • Source master server
  • Steam web API
  • Local Steam Clients
  • Valve Data Format/KeyValues (.vdf)

To get started, install Python-valve with pip: pip install python-valve.

RCON Example

In this example we connect to a Source server's remote console and issue a simple echo command to it.

import valve.rcon

server_address = ("...", 27015)
password = "top_secret"

with valve.rcon.RCON(server_address, password) as rcon:
    print(rcon("echo Hello, world!"))

Server Query Example

In this example we demonstrate the Source master server and A2S query implementations by listing all Team Fortress 2 servers in Europe and Asia running the map ctf_2fort, along with the players on each server sorted by their score.

import valve.source
import valve.source.a2s
import valve.source.master_server

with valve.source.master_server.MasterServerQuerier() as msq:
        for address in msq.find(region=[u"eu", u"as"],
                with valve.source.a2s.ServerQuerier(address) as server:
                    info = server.info()
                    players = server.players()

            except valve.source.NoResponseError:
                print("Server {}:{} timed out!".format(*address))

            print("{player_count}/{max_players} {server_name}".format(**info))
            for player in sorted(players["players"],
                                 key=lambda p: p["score"], reverse=True):
                print("{score} {name}".format(**player))

    except valve.source.NoResponseError:
        print("Master server request timed out!")


Python-valve uses Semantic Versioning. At this time, Python-valve is yet to reach its 1.0 release. Hence, every minor version should be considered to potentially contain breaking changes. Hence, when specifying Python-valve as a requirement, either in setup.py or requirements.txt, it's advised to to pin the specific minor version. E.g. python-valve==0.2.0.


Python-valve uses Pytest for running its test suite. Unit test coverage is always improving. There are also functional tests included which run against real Source servers.

If working on Python-valve use the following to install the test dependencies and run the tests:

pip install -e .[test]
py.test tests/ --cov valve/


Documentation is written using Sphinx and is hosted on Read the Docs.

If working on Python-valve use the following to install the documentation dependencies, build the docs and then open them in a browser.

pip install -e .[docs]
(cd docs/ && make html)
xdg-open docs/_build/html/index.html

Python 2

Python-valve supports Python 2.7! However, it's important to bear in mind that Python 2.7 will not be maintained past 2020. Python-valve may drop support for Python 2.7 in a future major release before 2020 in order to make use of new, non-backwards compatible Python 3 features.

It's strongly encouraged that new Python-valve projects use Python 3.


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Any reference to these are purely for the purpose of identification. Valve Corporation is not affiliated with Python-valve or any Python-valve contributors in any way.