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Fetch shows from and add them to your iTunes library from the command line

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Listening to live shows on works well in the browser, but there is currently no method to add a show to your iTunes library. You can download a show and add it manually, but sometimes it would be nice to add a show without having to manually extract the files and open iTunes.

That's what this application does, it takes a URL as an argument and adds that show to your iTunes library as an album. And, that's all it does. This is not an API or general tool to get arbitrary formats from, and I'm in no way advocating you use MP3 or iTunes. This is simply a way to add a live show to your iPod and take it with you. Please see the special note below about file formats and other applications.


Given no arguments, you will get a usage statement.

$ archive2itunes

archive2itunes version: 0.02.1

USAGE: archive2itunes [-l] [-h] [-m]

    -l|link     :    The URL to the show to transfer to iTunes.

    -h|help     :    Print a usage statement.
    -m|man      :    Print the full documentation.

The only required option is a link to a show, which when given, will add that show to your iTunes library.

$ archive2itunes -l
=====> Fetching tracks, please be patient................Done fetching tracks.
=====> Transferring the following information to iTunes:
Artist: Grateful Dead
Show:   1975-06-17 - Winterland Arena
Track:  01 - Bill Graham intro
Track:  02 - Crazy Fingers
Track:  03 - Beat It On Down The Line
Track:  04 - Deal
Track:  05 - Big River
Track:  06 - Peggio
Track:  07 - Me & My Uncle
Track:  08 - Help on the Way >
Track:  09 - Slipknot! >
Track:  10 - Franklin's Tower
Track:  11 - intro
Track:  12 - Blues For Allah
Track:  13 - Sugar Magnolia
Track:  14 - U.S. Blues
=====> Complete. Now, fire up iTunes and enjoy!

This is free software that makes use of freely available archived concerts from the Internet Archive. Please consider donating to support the maintenance of, and most importantly, support the bands!


Perl must be installed, along with a few modules to use this tool. The following command will take care of the dependencies and install the application.

curl -sL | perl -

(Note that the above command requires git).

Alternatively, download a release, unpack it, and run the following commands.

curl -sL | perl - --installdeps .
perl Makefile.PL
make test
make install


You can get basic usage information by typing the name of the program:


Or, specifying the help option (with -h or --help):

archive2itunes -h

You can get more detailed usage information at the command line with the following command:

perldoc archive2itunes

Or, by specifying the manual options with -m or --man.


Please report issues or feature requests at the issue tracker:


Many people dislike iTunes because it does not support lossless audio codecs like flac. Therefore, it is important that you:

  1. Not redistribute lossy formats where artists have provided (or allowed) other formats.

  2. Do not use this tool for profit in any way (see the LICENSE file for details).

  3. Are resposible for how and what you fetch from the Internet Archive.

Sorry for the serious tone, but I have a deep respect for the artists and tapers that share music and I'd like to do my part in making sure people can enjoy the music in the best way possible. That means that we should do what we can to respect the music and the wishes of everyone evolved. Thanks for listening!


  • Portability

This is only tested on a Mac and it will not work on a PC as currently written. It would be easy to add support for Windows machines, though I do not have a PC to test with. If someone is willing to add that feature I'd be happy to incorporate the changes.


Copyright (C) 2015 S. Evan Staton

This program is distributed under the GPLv3 License, which should be distributed with the package. If not, it can be found here:


Fetch shows from and add them to your iTunes library from the command line







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