Line-by-line Stream reader for node.js
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byline -- buffered Stream for reading lines

byline is an insanely simple module providing a LineStream for node.js.

  • supports pipe
  • supports both UNIX and Windows line endings
  • wraps any readable stream
  • super-simple: stream = byline.createLineStream(stream);


npm install byline

or from source:

git clone git://
cd node-byline
npm link


You just need to add one line to wrap your readable Stream with a LineStream. The stream must have a non-null encoding.

var fs = require('fs'),	
    byline = require('byline');

var stream = fs.createReadStream('sample.txt', {encoding:'utf8'});

// this is the only line you need to add:
stream = byline.createLineStream(stream);

stream.on('data', function(line) {


byline plays nice with pipe, but don't forget it strips the line endings.

var stream = fs.createReadStream('sample.txt', {encoding:'utf8'});
stream = byline.createLineStream(stream);

#Awesome Unlike other modules (of which there are many), byline contains absolutely no:

  • X - monkeypatching
  • X - dependencies
  • X - non-standard 'line' events which break pipe
  • X - limitations to only file streams
  • X - CoffeeScript (sorry)
  • X - mostly unnecessary code