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### You'll never learn if you don't Trie.
-**29-vector.exs** - TBW
+**29-vector.exs** - For our last couple of exercises, let's do something completly different! Elixir has a list data structure, but no [Vector]( Structures-Vectors (IPersistentVector)), so let's create one... our first attempt has us learning about Hash Array Mapped Trie (HAMT), and as it turns out, using this structure for a vector wasn't the best idea.
-**30-vector.exs** - TBW
+**30-vector.exs** - Take 2... Thanks to Jean Niklas L'orange's [excellent articles about Clojure's Vectors](, we learn how to build a Bit Partitioned Vector Trie. And now, we have a Vector with constant-time access. Cool stuff!
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