SexiLog is a specific ELK virtual appliance designed for vSphere environment
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SexiLog is a specific ELK virtual appliance designed for vSphere environment. It’s pre-configured and heavily tuned for VMware ESXi logs. Once connected to your network, set SexiLog as syslog remote host and relax.

Official website for this awesome appliance is available at

Checkout the "Read The F#king Manual" page at

Ready To Log

Deploy the appliance (from OVA packages), redirect your ESXi logs to SexiLog through syslog and/or snmpd and enjoy predefined dashboards:

Free as in Free Beer

SexiLog is only a package of awesome free tools with our knowledge. It's free and will remaing free as long as beer exists!

Do It Yourself

We thought of every geek in you. If you like, you can build your own appliance and add our configuration files, yes you can Build Your Own SexiLog:

Eyes Only

You're here to see SexiStuff ? You want to be amazed ? Just look at our predefined dashboards that will show you your infrastructure in a SexyWay and enjoy yourself: