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Password Sync for Samba4
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Password Sync for Samba4

That this solution requires you to enable plaintext passwords:

samba-tool domain passwordsettings set --store-plaintext=on and check "Store password using reersible encryption" in user account.

Reads from your Samba4 AD and send user,email and password in script

If the script returns a good exit code, the password in plain text in samba4 is removed.

Python Dependencies

  • daemon
  • syslog
  • samba


  • mkdir /opt/syncpassword/

  • mkdir /etc/syncpassword

  • cd /opt/syncpassword/

  • git clone

  • cp -f syncho.conf /etc/syncpassword/

  • Configure synchro.conf with your samba settings

  • Start sync with "python start"

    Note :

    • The script gets the different arguments in this way: samaccountname password mail (password encode in base64)
    • replace_domain : This makes it possible to replace the domain of the email field with another domain (that of the domain field of the configuration file)
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