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Thanos API: API that returns Thanos quotes. Built in ExpressJS in Node
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Thanos Quotes API!

Built using ExpressJS framework in NodeJS.


Grab a random Thanos quote!

Grab a specified number of random Thanos quotes!<integer>/

Grab all Thanos quotes!

How these quotes were collected

Googled thanos quotes and wrote a python script through which I could just input a quote and it will automatically form json with correct id and append it to the quotes file.

Make a contribution!

Would love to make the api better and more efficient if someone is willing to help. Also if I missed a thanos quote, submit a Pull Request, with the quote added to the quotes/quotes.json file. Make sure the quote is in this format:

  "id": <last joke id + 1>,
  "quote": "<the quote>"

Run Locally

  • Clone the repo
  • npm install
  • npm start
  • Visit localhost:3000 on your browser!
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