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jenkins-install-jobs doesn't appear to be working #6

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I've run through the instructions in the README and I'm unable to get either changes to existing jobs or new jobs to install properly.

I have an almost completely vanilla setup:

Jenkins (ver. 1.537) running on localhost
node v0.10.21
grunt-cli v0.1.9
grunt v0.4.1

The job is embarrassingly simple:

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>
  <logRotator class="hudson.tasks.LogRotator">
  <scm class="hudson.scm.NullSCM"/>
      <command>echo &apos;Howdy&apos;</command>

Hand editing the command and numToKeep values, the verify command shows a difference (as expected), but running install does not update jenkins.

Any suggestions to help debug what's going wrong here?


Hey, thanks for checking out my project! Haven't solved this yet, but wanted to let you know I've seen it and could reproduce it.

I started by using curl to hit the endpoints that grunt-jenkins is using and that seems to be working fine, so we at least know it's not external. There isn't any verbose logging at the moment, and it looks like grunt has good support for that, so I'll probably start there.

Will circle back early next week.


I've just pushed 0.4.0 to npm which should solve this issue.

In addition to the fix, you can use the --verbose flag to see the requests being sent to jenkins and the response codes coming back. This should make debugging easier, but happy to accept pull requests that make it better.


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