Enhancements to the VistA Kernel for GT.M
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VistA/RPMS Kernel Enhancements Project

Enhancements to the VistA Kernel for GT.M and Cache. Originally, this project focused only on GT.M, but due to redaction and omissions in VA code, various Cache routines have been enhanced, like ZISHONT and ZOSVONT.

Products & Installation

Patch XU*8.0*10001 & XU*8.0*10002 can be found in releases. Full release notes can be found there.

You can install these either using a KIDS build by unzipping the routines in the virgin_install.zip. You should always use the KIDS build unless you have a new system that you are building that doesn't have KIDS operational yet. In that case, you should unzip the files in virgin_install.zip into your routines directory.

The KIDS builds provided are combined: BOTH XU*8.0*10001 and XU*8.0*10002 are in a sequential KIDS build.

Download links:

Unit Testing

See UnitTests.md

Future Plans

I plan to port the following packages in these order:

  • RPMS %ZISH (done)
  • Job Examination capability for ZSY (done)
  • XOBW web service implementation for GT.M (done)
  • Resource Usage Monitor (RUM)
  • Statistical Analysis of Global Growth (SAGG)