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Unity Version Control Utilities

This is an editor plugin that adds much nicer support for version control systems to the Unity Editor. I made it for my own projects, but figured other people might find it useful.

Currently only git support is implemented, but there is an abstract interface to add support for whatever your preferred VCS is. As for git, all functionality is implemented using the command line so it should theoretically support your preferred git host. However, it has only been tested with GitHub.

Note that this project is not designed to be an all-in-one VCS client. It is meant to be used in addition to an external VCS client. This is explicitly meant to make the workflow of integrating with an external client easier for users who are less versed in how VCS works. For example, I personally use Github Desktop and the git command line with this.

Disclaimer: This is an initial release. There will probably be bugs. You have been warned.


Project Window

Original blog post

This plugin is heavily inspired heavily by Unity Collaborate's integration with the Unity editor. All of the following features are seamlessly integrated into the Unity editor, primarily in the Project panel. It currently supports:

  • File Locking
    • Shows the user that modified the file
    • Option to prevent saving files modified by other users
    • Option to auto-lock scenes on edit
  • Display of file modifications
    • Displays recursively in the project panel
  • Ability to discard changes from within the editor
    • Supports multi-select, including recursive discards for directories
  • Rudimentary support for Unity's YamlSmartMerge. This needs improvement


This has only been tested on Windows, but as it uses the git command line, there is little reason for it to not work on OSX. If running Windows, you need at least Git for Windows 2.16 for LFS support on GitHub.


Simply add this directory somewhere in your project (it can even be added as a git submodule).


All functionality is contained in two places - Assets/Version Control (also the right click menu for assets) and the Version Control section of the toolbar.


The first time this is launched, it will ask you to set your git username in the configuration window. Assuming your repository is already using LFS, this should be the only required configuration step.

After this initial step, all interactions can be done through either the right-click menu in the Project window or

Other VCS's

Git is the only VCS currently implemented, but it should be fairly easy to implement other VCS's such as SVN or Perforce.


Utilities for Unity integration with version control systems




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