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shadowsocks client for OSX and non-jailbroken iOS
Objective-C C C++ Other
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AFNetworking @ 8ccc3f6 support update PAC from GFWList
AppProxyCap @ 8ffade2 fix profiles
Crashlytics.framework editable PAC
GCDWebServer @ a557080 provide pac
GZIP @ 18b7cc6 gzip proxy.pac
Masonry @ 230e222 add missing Masonry
NSData-Base64 @ abeb10c support ss:// protocol
OpenSSL-for-iPhone @ 48af002 add output because I dont want to rebuild every time
ShadowWeb add UI for user rule
ShadowsocksX add UI for user rule
ShadowsocksXTests add mac version
iProxy @ ec75e28 enable/disable apn
packaging/osx update build script
shadowsocks.xcodeproj support update PAC from GFWList
shadowsocks_sysconf remove unused comments; remember running mode when switched off, remo…
zxing-objc add mac version
.gitignore add profile manager
.gitmodules support update PAC from GFWList
.travis.yml fix xcodebuild update LICENSE Update
LICENSE update LICENSE code sign Update
about.txt update LICENSE
appstore.png add appstore.png fix xcodebuild
ios_128.png add two icons
osx_128.png add two icons
proxy.pac.gz support update PAC from GFWList
shadowsocks copy-Info.plist split shadowsocks into 2 sub-projects

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