@librehat librehat released this Dec 14, 2016

  1. Support name/tag in SS:// URI (and QR Code)
  2. Remember table's geometry and state
  3. More precise data usage display
  4. Fix a typo
  5. Fixes from libQtShadowsocks

This release requires libQtShadowsocks >= 1.10.0

Pre-built binaries for 32-bit Windows are no longer provided.



@librehat librehat released this May 21, 2016 · 7 commits to master since this release

  1. Run-time encryption method support detection (chacha20-ietf support added)
  2. Support OTA in ss:// URI
  3. Remember mainwindow's geometry and state
  4. Fix build issues on Mac OS X (Check wiki about how to build it)
  5. Test internet connectivity during latency test
  6. Support specifying config.ini (command-line argument)

Minimum requirement for libQtShadowsocks is bumped to v1.9.0

Prebuilt Binaries Information

Filename SHA-1 Sum GCC Qt libQtShadowsocks
ss-qt5-v2.7.0-win32.7z f5720bf5d2085a8de9f6b7334af20eed46e33d5d 4.9.2 5.4.1 1.9.0
ss-qt5-v2.7.0-win64.7z e613b0a8f51801da79d31d03195a65029961c019 5.1.0 5.5.1 1.9.0