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This repository has been archived by the owner on Dec 10, 2019. It is now read-only.

Releases: shadowsocks/shadowsocks-qt5


21 May 20:27
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  • Fix ss:// URI validation issue
  • Remove unused logging option

The AppImage is built on Debian Wheezy with custom built Qt 5.10.0, Botan 2.6.0, GCC 5.5


7ab62036c38633b029085acb92982ac8fac3de7d  Shadowsocks-Qt5-3.0.1-x86_64.AppImage


04 Jan 18:37
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What's New

  1. Minimum requirement of libQtShadowsocks is bumped to 2.0.0, which brings Shadowsocks AEAD support (Botan-2 is required for this feature) and Shadowsocks SIP002 URI scheme support
  2. Log viewer is now removed due to the logging changes in libQtShadowsocks
  3. Application indicator is now removed (#522)
  4. CMake build system (#521)
  5. Other bugs fixed (#562 #577)
  6. You need a compiler that supports C++14 to build this project
  7. debian directory is removed from this repository and I will no longer maintain the Ubuntu PPA. All packaging is now up to communities except for Fedora Copr.

For any x86_64 Linux distributions, download AppImage file, run chmod a+x Shadowsocks-Qt5-3.0.0-x86_64.AppImage then you can enjoy shadowsocks-qt5 on your system by simply double clicking (or run it fro m terminal).

The AppImage is built on Debian Wheezy with custom built Qt 5.10, Botan 2.3.0, GCC 5.5


a9c885ff84c4f1dda2b1ffbb4a5ed636cbf9631b  Shadowsocks-Qt5-3.0.0-x86_64.AppImage


23 Jul 19:38
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  1. Re-implemented single instance with QLocalSocket (easy recover from crashes)
  2. Start at login in general settings
  3. Updated Chinese translations to keep keyboard shortcuts available
  4. Fixed #500 #450

Starting from this release, all libraries used in building the Windows binaries are from MSYS2/MinGW64

ss-qt5-v2.9.0-win64.7z sha1sum: fec371532497cfbd2999c55c189875f91f1abd6c

An experimental AppImage is now provided for Linux users

Shadowsocks-Qt5-x86_64.AppImage sha1sum: 9eee6c05d79c6f3acf2d415cefa056df4b886a50
Shadowsocks-Qt5_botan2-x86_64.AppImage sha1sum: ca69f6d9a7612d2a88e3340c39d76d600e7df378

On any recent Linux distributions, download the AppImage file, then:

chmod a+x Shadowsocks-Qt5-x86_64.AppImage

That is it! Please open an issue if you are not able to run it. Once you've given it permission to execute, you can just double click it to run from file manager as well (just like exe on Windows).