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Another script to convert a CSV export from the Anobii website to a CSV similar to Goodreads export, which could be imported via the import page.

Inspired by


To convert anobii.csv to anobii_converted.csv:

python3 anobii2goodreads/ [-l LANG] [-o] anobii.csv anobii_converted.csv

-o is used to clear data such as title and author to prevent Goodreads from auto-matching books that may have different ISBNs.

anobii_converted.csv could be used to import to Goodreads.

Sometimes, certain books may not be present in the Goodreads database. In that case, export your Goodreads bookshelf as goodreads_exported.csv to see what have been imported, and use to add the non-imported books:

python3 anobii2goodreads/ -c COOKIE_JSON -a anobii_converted.csv -g goodreads_exported.csv

You'll need your session cookie from your browser to access Goodreads from

However, reading progress is not entirely preserved in the process. But it's still possible to obtain complete reading history by directly crawling aNobii website:

cd anobiicrawl/
scrapy crawl progress -a visited=CACHE_PATH_FOR_CRAWL -a user=YOUR_USER_NAME -a login_path=anobii.login.json -o anobii_progress.jl

Afterwards, we could update the reading dates for books on Goodreads:

cd ../
python3 anobii2goodreads/ -c COOKIE_JSON -b anobiicrawl/anobii_progress.jl -d `CACHE_PATH_FOR_UPDATE`