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Busy? Let the program message on your behalf!
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Whatsapp Web Autoresponder

Whatsapp Web Autoresponder is a small program that allows you to send automatic replies to your whatsapp messages. You might be busy or away for a while and instead of letting your friends or family wait on you for a long time without any reply, you could let the program take care of that while you're away! You can specify a message to send when you receive new messages and the program will take care of sending it.

The program uses Selenium to perform the automation. It constantly checks if there is a new message and for every new message, it opens the chat and sends the automated reply.

Note: This is only for Whatsapp Web and not the mobile application.


Running the program

  • Step 0, download the repository and open a console inside the folder.
  • First step is to download the required dependencies. To do that, run the following command on your console:
    pip install -r requirements.txt
  • After that, you're ready to run the program! Enter the following command:
    Running this command will use the default settings. To modify them, move to the next section.


The following options can be added to the python command to change default behaviour. Multiple options can be used at once. Here is the list of options:

  • -b, --browser

    Type: String

    This option allows you to specify a web browser that you would like to run Whatsapp Web on. Currently, only 4 browsers are supported. They are:

    • Chrome
      python -b chrome
    • Firefox
      python -b firefox
    • Microsoft Edge
      python -b edge
    • Internet Explorer
      python -b ie
  • -m, --message

    Type: String

    This option specifies the message that should sent by the program when a new message is received. The default message is: "Sorry, I'm busy at the moment, will reply in a while. Note that this is an auto generated message".

    python -m "Hey, I'll get back to you soon"
  • -n, --mbr

    Type: Integer

    This option allows you to tell the program, how many messages should it wait before autoresponding again. For example, the first time you receive a message, the program sends an automated reply. If the sender repeatedly sends messages, it will wait until n messages are received before autoresponding again. Default number of messages before autoresponding is 5.

    python -n 10
  • -h, --help This option just displays the list of optional arguments and their descriptions. It does not take any value.

    python --help

Example Usage

python -m "Hey, I'll get back to you soon" -n 3 -b chrome
pyhon -mbr 3 -browser chrome
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