Unofficial Google Reader API for Java
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Unofficial Google Reader API for Java


There is a class for each request type and there are two global request super type: API0 and Atom. You can view list of currently available API0 requests and Atom requests.

To execute a request first you need to create a new request object and provide required and optional parameters.

StreamContent req = new StreamContent(StreamId.feed(""));

To execute it you need a connection. There are two type of connections: simple and authenticated. Some requests require authenticated connection to be executed.

ApacheHttpClient4Connection simpleConn = new ApacheHttpClient4Connection(2);
// or
OAuthSribeConnection oauthConn = new OAuthSribeConnection(...);

Then to execute it:

Api0Stream stream = req.execute(simpleConn);

Returned objects contain API responses mapped to Java classes and fields:

public class Api0Stream {
    public String direction;
    public StreamId id;
    public String title;
    public String description;
    public String continuation;
    public List<Api0Link> self;
    public List<Api0Link> alternate;
    public long updated;
    public List<Api0Item> items;

Common requests parameters are encapsulated in param-set classes and are added to request classes as public final fields:



Simply add it to your Maven project dependencies.



google-reader-api documentation has been extensively used.

A comprehensive documentation is also available here:


Test classes are incomplete.