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Non Linear Regression example with Keras
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Non Linear Regression Example with Keras and Tensorflow Backend

The data for fitting was generated using a non linear continuous function. It has five inputs and one output. Both the training set and validation set have around 1000 datapoints.

Y = SIN(A) x EXP(B) + COS(C x C) + POWER(D,5) - TANH(E)


training.csv - Training data input to model fit

traininggendata.xlsx - Excel sheet used to generate data from function for training set

trainresults.csv - Results of fit for training dataset

valgendata.xlsx - Excel sheet used to generate data from function for validation set

validation.csv - Validation data used in program

valresults.csv - Results of fit for validation dataset

Created: December 2016

Last Modified: 05-May-2018

Shankar Ananth Asokan




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