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Welcome to OpenCiRM!

OpenCiRM is a free, open-source platform for citizen relationship management. It was developed as a generic solution for the support of a local government service call center. The solution is completely metadata driven and therefore generic enough to accomodate any type of support service. Many of the software components are in fact general purpose.

The main goal of OpenCiRM is to provide a free, open and extensible platform for government agencies to manage services provided to citizens, from purely informational to on-the-field timely response and follow up. Often such systems are pieced ad hoc for example from office tools such as spreadsheets, or purchased as expensive closed systems resulting and vendor lock in and costly dependence. We aim to solve that problem.


Where can I see it?

A demo installation is available at OpenCiRM Demo

Where can I get support?

The best place is our online discussion forum at Google Sharegov Group. You can also submit new issues and comment on existing ones.

Where is the system deployed?

Currently, the system supports the Miami-Dade County 311 call center, one of the largest in the country.

What do I need to run the system?

This is web-based system and all you need is a server and a few open-source packages. System requirements depend on usage, a small installation will run on any convenience hardware, e.g. a laptop.

Can I use it as a public facing application?

Yes, but with some customization. The out-of-the-box setup assumes the deployment is internal only.

Who is developing the system?

The system is being developed and maintained by current and former Miami-Dade County employees. We are hoping to attract participation both from civic minded programmers and other agencies, sharing experience and efforts in this common to all problem. While working on open-data may be in vogue right now, there are a lot of other areas where e-government can benefit from openness and creativity.

Starting Points

(stubs to be filled in as documentation progresses)

  • Core Features
  • Technology Stack
  • Architecture Overview
  • Building and Running the Demo
  • Describing and Configuring Services
  • Integrating in Your IT Ecosystem



Citizen Relationship Management Open Semantic Platform






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