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A lightweight, minimalist, responsive, semantic grid powered, unstyled, front-end boilerplate with skeleton build and deployment tools.

What is it?

Another front-end bare-bones blank-canvas boilerplate.

What is it for?

When you think, "I just need to build a quick, simple website."

How to use it

$ git clone my-new-project
$ cd my-new-project
$ npm install
$ bower install
$ grunt server

…then craft your mark-up, compose your content, or code your design.

Ok, but what does it include?

Don't reinvent the wheel. Code is included from or inspired by HTML5 Boilerplate, Semantic Grid, LESS Hat, and others, then we bundle a set of carefully chosen defaults. There's a Gruntfile with some essential tasks to handle file watching and live reload, compilation and minification of Less & CSS, Javascript, Markdown, plus quick static site/blog generation using Jade templates with layouts and partials support, powered by grunt-pages.

It's almost everything you need to begin working efficiently on the unique parts of a project right away, without needing to spend time downloading frameworks, copying boilerplate code or configuring time-saving build processes.