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Available downloads

Table of contents:

Biodiverse GUI

There is also a series of blog posts at

Quick Start Guide

A quick start guide is available. This is written for version 0.19, but still applies to the current version.

Stable Release

The current stable release is version 2.0, released 14-Nov-2016.

The release notes summarise the changes in this version.

All versions are for 64 bit architectures.

Known issues

  • Prior to 19-Feb-2018, there were issues in the Mac version with importing from text files (details are in Issue 683). If you downloaded Biodiverse for the Mac prior to this then please download the fixed version using the updated link above.

  • There appear to be problems with the cp936 locale, and probably other CJK character set locales. The workaround for now is to set your locale and region to US (see details in Issue 506).

Development Release

Version 1.99_008 was released on 22-Sep-2017

The release notes summarise the changes in this version. See also recent blog posts.

Note: that the first run will start slowly (about 45 seconds) as it unpacks the component parts to the temp directory. Subsequent runs will be substantially faster as the component parts are cached and reused.

These do not include the RunRandomisation utility.

Site Pair Sampler

Site pair sampler for GDM analyses.

For further details, see:

Rosauer, D.F., Ferrier, S., Williams, K.J., Manion, G, Keogh, S & Laffan, S.W. (2014), Phylogenetic Generalised Dissimilarity Modelling: a new approach to analysing and predicting spatial turnover in the phylogenetic composition of communities. Ecography.

Utility scripts

Requires a source code installation.

For further details, see:

Di Virgilio, G., Laffan, S.W. & Ebach, M.C. (2012) Fine scale quantification of floral and faunal breaks and their geographic correlates, with an example from south-eastern Australia. Journal of Biogeography, 39, 1862-1876.

Older versions

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