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Morphism Hugo Theme

hugo-morphism is a aesthetically minimalist, content first blog theme for the static site generator Hugo that supports mathematical typesetting. By utilizing partial templates and Go template blocks, the theme is largely customizable while remaining relatively simple.

Except for what is required for mathematical typesetting, this theme utilizes no external dependencies of Javascript. This is done partly to respect visitor privacy.


Note that this is primarily a personal theme, so expect high volatility.


MathJax powers mathematical typesetting. The TeX delimeters $ and $$ can be used for inline / display math, respectively, or the escaped LaTeX symbols \\( ... \\) and \\[ ... \\].

Site Variables

This theme recognizes and attempts to use several Site variables that Hugo provides, as follows:

  • author map: The theme uses the name and uri keys of the site author map for pages that do not explicitly set author data. The name value is wrapped in the uri, if the later is set. For example, to set this in your config.toml:

        name="Shawn O'Hare"
  • copyright html string: If the Site variable Copyright is set, the notice will be displayed in the footer.

Site Parameters

The site wide user defined parameters that this theme recognizes are:

  • listPaginatorLimit int: The maximum number of items to appear on each list page.

  • subtitle string: This is displayed under the main title.

  • showFooter boolean: if true, display footer content on each page.

  • showPoweredBy boolean: if true, display a shoutout to Hugo and this theme.

  • [[menu.footer]] Footer navigation menu.

  • [[menu.index]] Menu displayed only on the index page.

  • [[menu.nav]] Site navigation menu.

Page Parameters

  • author map: This param should be structured identically to the site author map (see above). If provided, the page will display the data in the name and uri keys. Otherwise, the site author map is used.

  • math boolean indicating if mathematics is present. If false, Mathjax Javascript will not be loaded.

  • ignoreMeta boolean: if true, do not display page metadata such as author, date, categories provided these page parameters exist and are not overridden.

  • toc boolean: if true, display a page's table of contents.


Minimal Hugo theme for mathematical content.




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