A Java 8 string manipulation library.
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A Java 8 library for working with Strings. You can learn about all the String utility functions implemented in strman library by reading the documentation.

Getting Started

To use strman in your application, you have to add strman to your classpath. strman is available on Maven Central so you just need to add dependency in your favorite build tool as shown below.

For Apache Maven users, please add following to your pom.xml.


Gradle users can add following to their build.gradle file.

compile(group: 'com.shekhargulati', name: 'strman', version: '0.4.0')

To learn what we added in the latest version please refer to ./changelog.md.

You can refer to Javadocs online http://shekhargulati.github.io/strman-java/.


This library is inspired by dleitee/strman.


strman is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details.